The Work Hours Of A Massage Therapist

Massages are usually performed by therapists to make their client’s health more refreshing and active. So, it is quite important that these massage therapists remain energetic throughout the duration of massage, to bring about effective results.

Typically, massage therapists work about 6 hours per day, which comes close to about 40 hours a week. It is not quite easy to stand in front of a table and offer massages to the clients for longer hours. It is quite a tedious job to stroke someone’s body to make them feel healthy. Massage therapists are instructed to stand straight for quite long, and build up their endurance by gently stroking their clients, rather than sitting or leaning on the massage table while doing massages. Massages vary, depending upon their purpose. There are Swedish Massages, deep tissue massages , reflexology and Thai massages that take quite a longer amount of time to relieve a person from pain, stress and muscle tensions,

Massage therapists grow stronger and healthier with their constant use of thumbs, shoulders, knees and heads to offer a proper massage. Depending on their need for money, these therapists opt out to doing massages. If they consider this as a part time job, then they can end up with doing just 2 to 3 massages of about 1 hour a day. This comes to closely about 20 hours of work a week. They strive hard to make their clients energetic, in addition to taking care of themselves like taking rests for a while, going for a vacation etc.

Thus, patience and dedication are the main factors of a good massage therapist, who can serve better for longer periods of time. If this kind of job role still appeals to you, then a massage training course may be a useful next step for you.

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